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ANKUR ARORA MURDER – universal direct fulfillment

Prominent critics inclusing Subhash K. Jha of IANS, Bhavikk Sangghvi of PlanetBollywood and Siddharth Kannan of Oye 104.8 FM, Mastii TV rates the movie at 4-star. Subhash K. Jha says, “Indeed The Ankur Arora Murder Case is a far cleverer, wiser and relevant film than most of what we get to see these days. At a time when Bollywood is raining bubbles and effervescence about jawani diwanis and yamla paglas this sobering clenched disturbing medical thriller comes as an invigorating cloudburst. The film makes out a scathing and rousing case against medical malpractices. This is the best film on medical ethics since Vijay Anand’s Tere Mere Sapne. Bursting at the seams with acting talent director Suhail Tatari’s restorative drama hits us where it hurts the most. The conscience” – universal direct fulfillment.

Times of India and IBN 7 provides 3 1/2 star rating. TOI says, “Tatari is a winner in his choice of a subject. The story that has been researched from a true life incident does provide meaningful insights about the medical fraternity and facilities.”

Aaj Tak and Bollywood Hungama rates the movie at 3-star. Aaj Tak says, “It’s a must watch!” Taran Adarsh says, “On the whole, ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE illustrates and spotlights on the gaffes in the medical profession most persuasively. A heartfelt effort that deserves to be watched!”


Mr. Dhanraj Jethani – Universal Direct Fulfillment

Mr. Dhanraj JethaniShri Dhanraj Jethani is more popularly known in inner circles as a self-made entrepreneur, who had a belief in his vision and the guts to achieve what he had envisioned. He is a man with Mission and Vision. Mr. Dhanraj currently heads the Dhanraj Group which has business interests in several sectors ranging from Real Estate to Film Production. The businesses are currently being managed by a very talented and loyal team of executives from his offices located in many locations in the country. Affectionately called as Dhanrajbhai, by friends and family members, he is the Chairman and CEO of Dhanraj Group. With the advent of time Shri Dhanrajbhai successfully ventured into several businesses. All the businesses have not only be highly profitable but have achieved top position in all the businesses that the group has taken up. Success and fame are close companions of Dhanrajbhai, but, it was the legacy of this great man in the making who choose social service as his third companion. Dhanrajbhai spends considerable time and funds in community service to bring a smile on the face of the underprivileged, however, unlike other businesses he chooses to keep this practice personal and quiet without any publicity.

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Today Dhanraj Group is a conglomerate with its investments in a number of businesses which are mainly into Real Estate, Information technology, Construction, Media and Film Production. At the age when most people choose to retire, Shri Dhanrajbhai, still leads the spirit of the group from the front with a level of energy that increases every day. It is this energy and zeal that has made even the most difficult challenge achievable and injected a can-do attitude among each and every member that works for Dhanraj Group – universal direct fulfillment.

The latest foray of the Group into Film Production is a brainchild of Shri Dhanraj Jethani himself. Being the Chairman and Managing Director of Dhanraj Films Pvt. Ltd., he achieved many rare feats which is impossible even for those in this industry since 10s of years. With the intelligence and management capabilities he was successfully in completing his first ever film in a period of just 54 days, which has even amazed the people who are said to rule the Mumbai Film Industry since generations. The curiosity and thrill generated by the movie not only in india but, all around the world, was unimaginable and comparable to any of the movies that star the biggest superstars of Indian Film Industry. Dhanrajbhai also owns one Print Media Firm which is the owner of one of the biggest brand in Gujarati News. The group’s Gujarati Newspaper ‘Desh Pardesh Ni Aajkaal’, which was launched before 11 years, has achieved tremendous response over the years. With fearless journalism with high ethical practices and quality news ‘Aajkaal’ has went on to become Gujarat’s highest selling Evening Newspaper. Today Shri Dhanraj Jethani is one of the most respected figure not only in business circles, but also in the Indian Film Industry and in Political Circles.

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Mr. Chandresh Jethani – Universal Direct Fulfillment

Mr. Chandresh JethaniChandresh Jethani, who along with his younger brother Anil, is seen to have truly inherited the genes of father Dhanrajbhai. Chandresh Jethani is the Director of the Group and seen as the person who plays a key role in managing the group operations and giving a competitive edge to businesses which has made them lead even in adverse circumstances and highest competitive environment. This young entrepreneur is a lovable boss who manages his people with compassion and inspires them to intelligently execute all operations with the aggression required for the business.

A management graduate himself, Mr. Chandresh Jethani is a marketing genius and a turnaround artist who has a thorough understanding of customer’s needs, wants and demands. His method of taking a 360 degree view to objectively tackle any and every incident has been highly successful for Dhanraj Group in achieving various milestones over the last many years. His core skills lie in his Three Dimensional Vision which makes him a passionate entrepreneur who is not only candid and benevolent but also fierce and intense in achieving the desired results. Several Campaigns initiated by Chandresh have been aptly successful in creating drastic differences and strategic turnaround for the future.Chandresh is a hard negotiator and has a sharp focus for business. Chandresh is also a natural orator and his skills in managing public relations which evidently identifies him as a promising future leader in making.


Mr. Anil Jethani – Mr. Anil Jethani

Anil Jethani is another dynamic executive of the Jethani clan. His skill lies in administering the synchronization of front end and back end operations. His cold-blooded nature mixed with vibrancy are the right mix to support the business with proper administration and financial management. Mr. Anil, has notable administrative skills to execute the operations swiftly and effortlessly. He has a neck for anticipating future problems and organizing in advance to resolve them before they may occur. Mr. Anil is the Director of the company and brings with him worldwide experience of life that comes from the places around the world he widely travels.

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