Annette Haven

Who is Annette Haven? 

There are many famous and rich celebrities and artists in America.

One of them is Annette Haven.

Annette Haven is a former pornographic actress from the United States who was popular in the 1970s and 1980s.

With the journey of her life full of challenges, she became a famous actress at that time.

Due to her agility, liking, and talent, she has many fans.

So many people admire her and believe she can dance and act well.

We think you want to know more about her.

We will inform you about how did she start her career and how is her career so far.

Then why she can be famous and has many fans, how rich is she, how is her relationship with her partner, her family history, and her complete biography.

Now, let’s move into it!

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How Annette Haven’s Career?

Annette was a well-known adult film actress who appeared in many films.

In 1973, she was introduced to the sex industry through a role in the film Lady Freaks, starring Holiday.

She went on to appear in nearly 100 pornographic films, including A Coming of Angels (1977), Desires Within Young Girls (1977), The Grafenberg Spot (1985), Obsessed (1977), Barbara Broadcast (1977), Sex World (1977), Dracula Sucks (aka Lust At First Bite) (1978), and Maraschino Cherry (1978).

She has worked as a body double in several films.

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Annette was a popular choice due to her attractive appearance and beautiful body.

Because many directors liked the way she looked on screen.

She later worked as a consultant for several directors.

Also, she is best known for her performance in the film Cave Women.

She is regarded as a legend in the adult film industry and is also well-known for her acting abilities.

She pursued her career with zeal and was never ashamed of her decisions.

And she is said to be a feminist as well as a rebel.

If we look more at the beginning, she began her career in modeling before moving on to show business.

Because of her naturally sculpted body and enigmatic screen presence, many directors miss working with her.

She was extremely popular and remains a familiar face among fans.

She was extremely professional and had her own set of rules for each scene.

In addition, her delivery of dialogue was as powerful as the consummation scenes.

She was at ease with herself and made her co-stars feel the same way.

But she disliked bondage and facial scenes and discouraged directors from hiring her for them.

She has turned down several films in which she was required to perform violent sexual scenes.

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And How Much is Her Net Worth?

She was a model, stripper, actress, and pornstar who had a successful career.

She’s from the Golden Age of Adult Films.

She chooses to join the porn industry because one reason.

Her main motivation was to show people that sex is not sinful and can be enjoyable.

From his persistence in his career and length in the industry.

So Annette Haven’s net worth or net income is estimated to be between $21 million and $22 million USD.

What a fantastic number at that time until now.

Her income comes from social media, paid promotion, advertising, and promoted brands. Annette Haven lives a lavish and opulent lifestyle.

She is also on the list of the richest people in the United States.

Though her current earnings are unknown, the majority of her earnings come from her films.

Full Bio

Annette Haven was born to a Mormon family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So that her national status is American.

She was born on December 1, 1954, with the star sign Sagittarius.

If we calculate her age now, then she is 67 years old.

And her given name is Annette, as well as her surname, is Haven.

She has other names like Annette Funette, Nanette Heaven, Annette Robinson, and Cheryl Nelson.

As well as she likes fitness as her hobby.

She keeps her weight in check by going to the gym and doing other exercises.

She enjoys going to the gym and exercising regularly.

And she encourages others to do the same.

It is known that her height is 165 cm or 5 feet 4 inches.

Also, her weight is 60 kg or 132 lbs.

Her shoe size is 7.5 inches, and her shoe selection is very appealing.

Annette Haven has over 100 different brand shoe collections.

Physical characteristics that can be seen are Annette Haven has gray eyes that are very attractive.

And her hair color is Espresso.

So her hairstyle is very popular.

But unfortunately, there is some information that we cannot provide.

For her family information, education, and marital status.

The names of her parents, brother, sister, children, and the number of children are not yet known.

And no one knows her educational background.

Even for her current relationship status.

But she once remarried and her husband’s name was Billy Haven (m. 1985).

In the world of her career, she rose to prominence as an adult film actress.

She began her career as a stripper.

Likewise, prior to working in adult films, she worked as an exotic dancer, nurse’s aide, and massage parlor employee in the San Francisco area.

She worked as a bar dancer in a bar.

In a bar where she worked, she met a pornstar named Bonnie Holiday.

She later moved in with her.

And she has made over a hundred adult films.

When it comes to her romantic relationship, there is little information about this.

She ran away from home when she was seventeen.

Because she was married to his boyfriend.

But the marriage didn’t last long.

She divorced after only two years of marriage.

Annette once said something.

Making love or having sex was all about pleasure for Annette.

It has nothing to do with sins or taboos.

That’s the information about Annette Haven. If you have some other information about her, comment below!