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Today is the Canal Gay Pride in Amsterdam. Have fun and here are some great movies in the spotlight!



Cal returns from France after being informed that his mother is terminally in the hospital. Now out of the closet, he has quite a few conflicts with her homophobic behavior. He wants to make amends, but instead he finds himself in a fight between cute college student Jason and his drug-dealing pimp. He gets carried away and helps Jason. Will Cal be able to say goodbye to his mother and build a life with Jason?

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In Five Dances, Brown presents five highly talented dancers in his story of a small dance group’s journey to success. The result, under the auspices of the internationally renowned choreographer Jonah Bokaer, is a perfect balance between dance and film and art and entertainment!


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A coming-of-age drama based on the graphic novel by Julie Maroh. 15-year-old Adèle is sure of two things: she’s a girl and girls go out with guys. But when she meets Emma, ​​a young woman with blue hair, her whole life is turned upside down. Emma gives Adèle the chance to discover her desires, to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. A moving film about the happiness and sadness of a first great love, and everything that goes with it.

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Adineh, or “Eddieh” as they include themselves, to obtain a passport so that she can undergo gender reassignment in Germany. The reason she is not waiting for her operation in Iran is that her rich and strict father wants to marry her off to a cousin. Eddie to escape with all his might. During her flight, she is attacked by a vigilante group, to keep herself too red, she stops at a passing car. This turns out to be from the clandestine taxi of Rana, a conservative woman whose husband is in prison. She develops herself and her son from poverty, despite the fact that it is taboo for a woman to drive a taxi. She can’t resist the temptation when Eddie offers her a lot of money to take her to a shelter. As Eddie is on his way to explain that they pose in danger.


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Nina (Shelley Conn, Mistresses), half Indian and half Scottish, leaves her childhood home after an argument. When her father dies, she returns. Her father’s inheritance, the family restaurant, obtained for half of being Lisa, a beautiful young Scottish woman. The restaurant is loss-making and Lisa wants to sell, but Nina can’t bring herself to do american multi cinema.

She decides to continue the restaurant, but for that she has to teach Lisa (Laura Fraser, Vanilla Sky) to cook. No performance statement, and Nina also turned out to be in love with her. When Nina decides to take part in the ‘Best of the West cooking competition’, she throws all her talent into the battle to win both the competition and Lisa’s love…

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The Film Collection is a special DVD series with the most beautiful titles from the De Filmfreak Distribution catalogue.


The Quality Film Collection is a series of high-quality strong titles from the catalog of A-Film Distribution. The collection consists of films that have won awards such as an Oscar©, Golden Globe or Golden Palm.

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