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Best Hiking, Hunting, and Camping Spots Near Calgary


Calgary is surrounded by breathtaking nature that seems to go on and on, so it’s natural to want to visit this area for fantastic outdoors times.  If you’re ready to get into the beautiful forests, mountains, and rivers that surround the city but aren’t sure where to start: you’re in the right place!


These are the best hiking, hunting, and camping spots near Calgary, and why they’re so popular.  

Why Hike Near Calgary?

Calgary is famous for its incredible balance of work and recreation.  Not only do locals get to make the most out of the roaring local economy, but they also get to enjoy countless trails, endless fields, and nonstop outdoor beauty.  


Hiking near Calgary means you get to see some of the most beautiful river and mountain views, incredible streams and fields, and fantastic forests: without having to drive more than twenty minutes outside of city limits.


Beyond this, most of the local camping sites are affordable and work for nearly any camper. 

Douglas Fir Trail

This beautiful trail allows you to walk along carefully created paths that have existed in these mountains for hundreds of years from both indigenous and settler use.  In the winter, these trails are great for cross-country skiing, but in the summer, there’s no greener area to enjoy the outdoors. 

Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park

If you’re ready for an area that feels magical from the moment you first arrive: it’s time to go backcountry camping and hiking in Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park.  This park has everything from fantastic views to awesome camping areas and guides and assistance to ensure that you’re safe as long as you’re here.  This is an incredible place to stop and enjoy nature.

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Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

Gorgeous nature and wildlife are easy to find in Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.  This park has paths that range in difficulty while also offering camping, picnicking, and sunbathing areas.  This ensures that, if you need a break from looking at Calgary homes for sale, you can have the outdoors adventure of your choice, either exploring nature or stopping to have a cookout with friends and family.

How to Pack for Calgary’s Outdoors

If you’re packing to enjoy the outdoors in Calgary, there are a few things you should do.  Pack more than you think you need: but don’t make your bag heavier than thirty pounds.  


This means pack first aid kits, water, clothes, snacks and foods, and tools: but don’t pack so much that your bag weighs you down and leaves you incapable of going far.  If you’re camping and you need to bring a tent, have someone carry just the tent, and divide the other bags among others traveling with them.


You should also make sure to bring sunscreen, and bug spray or repellent, to avoid a sunburn or getting eaten alive by mosquitoes or ticks in the warmer months.

There’s No Place to Camp Like Calgary

Calgary is truly a one-of-a-kind place, and camping and hiking near it ensure you never have to go too far.  Consider stopping at some of these trails or parks soon!