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Bitcoin Faucets have been around for as long as Bitcoin itself. Unbeknown to many, they are an alternative way to earn Bitcoin or several other coins besides mining. – Follow Coin

On this Guide, you will learn about the Following Top Bitcoin Faucets:

  • Bonus Bitcoin
  • Free Bitcoin Faucet
  • Moon Bitcoin

In a world where free is often taken with a grain of salt and associated with scams, cryptocurrency faucets offer a way out for enthusiasts to have a feel of owning their first coins or digital assets. A popular and authentic cryptocurrency faucet out there is Bonus Bitcoin.

There are many such websites willing to pay users a small amount of Bitcoin for completing simple tasks on site. Often, payments are in Satoshi—which is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC and just like any other business, all have their own internal policies, disbursement frequencies, and withdrawal thresholds. Let us learn more about the Bonus Bitcoin here.

Bonus Bitcoin

The faucet has been around for some time now. It started out back on Nov 26, 2015, right before the crypto boom of the latter years and here subscribers have a grand opportunity of earning free Bitcoins by solving captcha codes.

What’s on offer for claimants might sound too grand to be true but uniquely—unlike most scam Bitcoin faucets out there, the site disburses 5,000 Satoshis every 15 minutes complete with an automatic five percent daily bonus and you can withdraw upon demand—that’s when you surpass your minimum withdrawal threshold. You have to accumulate as much as 10,000 Satoshis before you withdraw.

This is on top of the 50 percent referral commission for every client you on board.

Admittedly though, Bitcoin earnings per claim are small—perhaps minuscule and you have to contend with spam advertisements but hey, these are free Bitcoins saving you the hustle of scouring the internet for expensive AntMiner and burgeoning electricity costs. To earn as much as 300,000 Satoshis (0.003BTC or $21) per month, consistency matters.

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Register and Earn Bitcoin at Bitcoin Bonus – follow coin

Here’s how you get started:

There are certain simple procedural steps to get started. These are:

  • First, create an account with Coinpot. Coinpot is a Bitcoin micro wallet which makes transactions using Bonus Bitcoin that much easier.
  • The second step involves the verification of your account on Bonus Bitcoin by filling in details like your username and email. Thereafter, you should link your Bonus Bitcoin account with your Coinpot account.
  • The third step would be to log in. This is proof of completion of the registration process. The captcha “I’m not a robot” is necessary to ensure only actual humans log in. This may sound rather trivial but the entire operation depends on clicks which is sort of a regulatory mechanism.

Once you log in, click “Claim now” and you can begin earning straightaway. Shortly after, your coins should reflect on your Coinpot account.

Luckily, there are options:

As we said before, Bonus Bitcoin is just one of the many faucets.  In reality, there are countless cryptocurrency faucets you can choose from. However, since Bitcoin is the most valuable and populous, I’ll highlight some few faucets you can settle for. If it fits you well, you can register an account with and earn straight away.

We’ll start with these four, trusted and community vetted faucets. Since the field is constantly changing and new platforms sprouting up, we will be constantly updating the list. As such, this list is not conclusive:

Follow Coin

Free Bitcoin

Once you login to Free Bitcoin, you will be welcomed by an attractive if not a converting homepage. The outline is neat and with an appealing mix of blue and white, it’s easy to see why they claim to have 118,377 registered users dispensing 314 Bitcoins since inception.

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Here, users can earn up to $300 worth of Bitcoin every hour just from playing simple games.

Besides, users of this platform enjoy instant withdrawal every hour once they surpass the minimum threshold of $1. What’s more, there is a very rewarding referral program where one can earn over 50 percent of what their friend earn. That’s not all. Any successful conversion from this referral program means you get a lottery ticket just for referring them.

Satoshi Quiz

In Satoshi Quiz, knowledge is money. Uniquely, this is perhaps the only Bitcoin Faucet where you earn depending on how knowledgeable you are on different subjects. At the Faucet’s homepage, there is a question and a timer set to 60 seconds.

All you have to do is register. For every correct answer, you earn 100 satoshis. Multiply that by 60 minutes and one can receive 6000 satoshis. What’s special about Satoshi Quiz is that every time you log in, you know your competition since the numbers of online participants is displayed.

It’s, therefore, competition and the more you answer, the more you pile up your rewards. In case you want to invite a friend, there is a referral program where successful conversion means one earns 20 percent of what their referral earns.

Bitcoin Aliens

Launched in 2014, this faucet has dispensed more than $7 million worth of BTCs—that roughly 1944 BTCs at current rates of $3,600. Bitcoin Aliens is special because of their huge payouts as well as a wide support base. As I write this, the faucet claims to have 2.5 million users.

Their popularity seems to be from their mobile-based games allowing users to earn BTCs straight from their mobile phones. One can start earning BTCs just from downloading their Free Bitcoin App for Android and Apple.

After that, a user can choose from among the many interactive and rather addictive games. The most popular one is Alien Run where one “kills aliens” and games including Blockchain games and earn real Bitcoins which are deposited straight to the owner’s wallet.

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The Bitcoin faucet is popular first because it is generous with their hand out. Like most, registration is free. At the time of press, more than 25,000 users are actively making claims and completing tasks. As a result, Cointiply has paid out more than 250,000 worth of BTCs since launch. To begin earning, all a user has to do is register for free.

Earning Bitcoins and rewards is easy and there are several options that have been lined up. For those who like watching videos, they can do so and earn Bitcoins. If you like doing surveys, you can participate and earn extra coins. Others who prefer completing tasks or offers can also earn coins. In simple terms, everyone is accommodated and can earn free Bitcoins.

To Cap this,

We’ll always advocate for caution. After all, it’s easier said than done and with biting asset prices, some faucets claiming high payouts often fail to deliver. Otherwise, like always, if you have the time to answer questions, complete tasks or participate in surveys, these faucets are the best way of learning Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies without any initial investment.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to cash out. To do this, we advise investing in a hardware wallet like Ledge Nano s which we highly recommend. There has been no breach and the cold wallet supports a variety of coins as well as ERC20 tokens.


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