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Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo Height, Weight, Career, Relationship, Networth [2022 Wiki]

Who’s Brad Mondo?

Brad mondo net worth is one the most well-known hairdressers. His YouTube channel is self-titled and has more than 7,000,000 subscribers.

He posts videos on his YouTube channel of his reactions to hairstyles and colors, makeovers, hair education, and more.

His most popular videos include him reacting to Jojo’s hair and America’s Next top model makeovers.

Moreover, he serves as the Creative Director and CEO of XMondohair.

Brad mondo net worth.

Mondo is a talented artist who has worked with celebrities like Shay Mitchell, Charlie D’amelio and Vanessa Hudgens.

Brad mondo net worth.

He’s not only a skilled hairdresser, but also a highly successful model.

He has a beautiful face and charming personality which have made him a good model.

Brad Mondo

Brad mondo net worth.

He wasn’t famous overnight. His fame was earned over many years of passion and hard work.

This article will tell you more about his life and provide additional details.

Brad Mondo Quick Biography

Real NameBrad Gesimondo
Date of BirthOctober 28, 1994
Birth PlaceFranklin, Massachusetts
Birth SignScorpio
ProfessionHair Stylist, YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Height (approx.)5’11 or 1.80 cm
Weight (approx.)75kg or 165 pounds
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGrey-Hazel
SiblingEric Mondo
Net Worth$4.5million (USD)
Profiles@bradmondonyctwitter, @bradmondonycInstagram

Brad mondo net worth.

Brad Mondo Early Life

Brad Mondo was born in New York. Mondo was the son of a Franklin, MA salon owner.

His father, a salon owner, inspired him to be interested in the beauty and fashion industries.

He decided to follow his father’s lead and pursue his passion.

Insider interviews him about his childhood experiments with hairstyles in the salon of his father.

He was a child who loved to play with the mannequin heads.

Brad mondo net worth.

He was ultimately fascinated by the 90’s hairstyle books and still uses them as inspiration.

He said that he was rebellious from his childhood and didn’t like being forced to work at a hair salon.

He was just 16 years old when Calvin Klein hired him as a sales associate.

He soon discovered his true passion for fashion and the hair industry. He decided to start his own salon.


Brad mondo net worth.

What is Brad Mondo most famous for? Mondo’s journey to fame was not an easy one. He earned it through his passion for the beauty and hair industries and YouTube.

YouTube was his first source of income at the age of 16-17.

He soon started his YouTube channel, which he titled himself in 2015.

His first video was “Justin Bieber, What Does 2016 Hair Mean?”

He has more than 7.12 million subscribers and millions of views to his videos.

Brad mondo net worth.

His YouTube channel is known for his funny reactions to hairstyle failures, hair tutorials, pranks and makeovers.

He is also the creative director and CEO of his hair product line, “XMONDOHair” and “XMONDOColor”.

In an interview with GAY TIMES, he talked about growing his team at XMONDO as well as launching more hair products and colors.

He was quarantined and he also blew up in TikTok, where he recorded several videos reacting with people’s hair cuts.

He also collaborated with other youtube channels, such as Tamron Hall Show, where he spoke about hair education. In an interview, he also discussed how his hair products became more popular in quarantine.


Brad mondo net worth.

He was nominated for the Beauty Category of the YouTube Streamy Awards in 2022.

Brad Mondo’s Personal Data

Brad Mondo is a hefty man. Mondo is 75kg in weight and stands at 5′ 11″ or 180cm tall.

He has blonde hair and grey-hazel eyes. Scorpio is his birth sign.

His ethnicity is Caucasian, and he is a Christian. Mondo has been open about his homosexuality since childhood.

In an interview with Glamour, he said that he admires Kylie Jenner (Kim Kardashian) and Kim Kardashian.

Mondo loves his hair products from “XMondoHair”, which is his favorite line of hair products.

He has his pullover hoodie named after him, and it is his favorite quote.

Brad Mondo’s Personal Information


Who’s Brad’s Lover? Brad has never revealed the love story of his partner, even though he is openly gay.

He is very quiet about his relationship life.


Brad has how many siblings? Eric Mondo, his brother, was also a child of Brad. Eric Mondo is also a well-known social media personality.

Although his parents are not known to the media, Brad posted a picture of him with his siblings and shared his death (April 22, 2022) via Instagram.

Eric also posted a picture with their father on Instagram.

Brad Mondo’s Net Worth

What is Brad’s net worth? Brad is an entrepreneur, hairstylist and YouTuber.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $4.5 Million (USD) as of 2022.

His YouTube Channel and hair products make up the majority of his income.

He has more than 7.12 million subscribers as of 2022 and receives an average of 651k views per day, from a variety of sources.

He makes $500k per day ($1.8 million a year) by displaying ads on his videos.

He also owns his pullover hoodie with his favorite quote, “Live Your Extra Live”

Brad Mondo’s Net Worth

Brad Mondo Controversies

What are some of Brad’s most notable controversies and controversies Brad has been involved in many controversy, such as Twins mess, vegan hair products issue, and Twins mess.

Brad was criticized for not making his products vegan. All of his products, including his Glitterati Style Serum, are vegan and cruelty-free.

Few people knew that the ingredient Carmine, a pigment made of crushed bugs, was in it.

Brad Mondo Controversies

Brad mondo net worth.

Fans were furious that Brad had lied to them. The logo that claimed cruelty-free was on the product was also faked by the cruelty company.

This caused a lot of scandals, and many customers and fans were upset that they weren’t refunded.

Similar to Brad, Eric, Brad is also a well-known media personality and model.

Brad mondo net worth.

Brad Mondo Controversies

Eric and Brad have created many videos that include the title “twin”

Brad’s fans were equally excited, as they loved the twin videos.

However, the controversy grew as more videos were viewed .

Brad mondo net worth.

His fans soon discovered that Eric was 1.5 years younger than Brad.

Many fans were furious at the lies and became angry.

Many defended Brad, pointing out that titles could be sarcastic as Eric and Brad used to look very similar.

Brad mondo net worth.

However, neither brother has spoken on the topic.

Brad Mondo Controversies is a great place to learn more about Brad Mondo.

Brad mondo net worth.

Brad Mondo Trivia

  • YouTube was the first source of Brad’s income, and it was $100.
  • Over 2.1 million people follow him on Instagram.
  • The session will cost between $50000 and $100000.
  • Learn more about YouTube stars from the US withB Lynn Cuhh

Brad Mondo Video

Watch Brad and Eric’s video below:

Image Credit: @bradmondonyc and @ericmondo_ Instagram

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