Circumstances Under Which An Employee Is Eligible For Workers’ Compensation

Employees have faced a high risk of workplace injury. Earlier, workplace injuries used to occur in rare instances. However, workplace accidents have frequently been occurring now. An employee must ensure their safety in the workplace. If any employee gets hurt at their workplace, they must contact the workers’ comp in Cedar Rapids at the earliest. 

The workers’ compensation act or law has been brought into effect to provide financial and medical protection for employees who face injuries at work. The compensation claims to cover all the damages and related expenses the employee had to bear for their recovery. If you are an employee at a company, it would be necessary for you to be aware of the circumstances under which the compensation would be rewarded. 

  • Workplace-related injury 

The first circumstance under which an employee might be eligible for obtaining workers’ compensation is a workplace-related injury. While it may seem obvious, the damage encountered by the employee must occur at the workplace. It is a compulsion since many employees have used fraudulent means to achieve compensation by faking an injury at the workplace. 

If the employee faced the injury at any other place except the workplace, likely, they might not get the compensation to cover the damages. Hence, the wound should be witnessed at the workplace for the employee to be eligible under the workers’ compensation act. 

  • Employer’s insurance 

For an employee to achieve compensation, the employer must have insurance that covers the damages and injuries at the workplace. Many employers do not provide workers’ insurance for their employees. Ultimately, it prohibits the employees from seeking the claim to recover financially and medically. If your employer denies granting you compensation for your losses post-injury, you must contact a compensation lawyer in Cedar Rapids. 

  • Registered employee 
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In many cases of workers’ compensation, ex-employees of a company tried to claim compensation for the injuries they faced at a different place than the job. A person should be a registered and a working employee to achieve the settlement successfully. Someone who was terminated or did not work at a given company anymore would not be eligible for workers’ compensation. 

  • Deadline for reporting the injury 

Every state has set specific deadlines for an employee to report the injury. The employee must meet the deadlines for reporting the injury. Otherwise, the employee would not be eligible for the workers’ compensation. An employee must report the damage to the officials at the earliest after being injured to ensure they do not get denied for the claim. 


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