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With yet another casting update earlier tonight, it seemed as if our daily Veronica Mars reveal was over. But with time to catch up and only six days remaining until cameras start to roll, it’s understandable that perhaps the highly anticipated continuation would double up on some announcements. Now, two fellow Neptune High alumni complete the casting hattrick tonight as a pair of former stars have officially handed in their R.S.V.P. cards for the film’s major milestone – mediaiq.

Creator Rob Thomas announced tonight that two more have signed on to return for the Neptune High reunion – Amanda Noret, reprising her role “as uber-bitch Madison Sinclair”, and Sam Huntington, returning as “ethically-challenged Luke Haldeman.”

Noret appeared in 10 episodes of the original series, serving as Dick’s ex-girlfriend and one major piece to the first season’s major reveal regarding our title character. Huntington appeared twice, with Luke playing a role in the events as well though not intending to directly affect Veronica.

Effectively, they joins the previously cast Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Francis Capra, Percy Daggs III, Daran Norris and Chris Lowell as official cast members who have deals with Warner Brothers. Christine Lakin, who also had a guest role within the series, will return in a similar fashion at the reunion alongside the aforementioned.

Thomas will direct from a script he co-wrote with show veteran Diane Ruggerio. Various actors commiting but not official just yet include Ryan Hansen, Max Greenfield and others.

In The Veronica Mars Movie, Veronica departed Hearst College to Stanford and then from Stanford to Columbia Law School and she’s starting to interview for jobs at big law firms in New York. She’s kept in touch with Keith, Wallace, Mac and more but hasn’t seen Logan or her town of Neptune in over 10 years. However, both come calling as Logan’s pop-star girlfriend is found murdered and Logan is seen as the prime suspect, which leads him to turn to his ex-girlfriend for major help.

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At the beginning of the film, Veronica will be in the arms of a boyfriend who is said to be a familiar face, but whether or not she’ll wind up back in Logan’s by film’s end remains to be seen. Dax Shepard is said to have a cameo in the film, while one major set piece in the middle of the film will be the 10 year reunion of Neptune High.

Veronica Mars is scheduled to start production on June 17th for a release in Early 2014.


Another ‘Wimpy’ Movie, Now with Poop Jokes – mediaiq

We weren’t exactly fond of the first ‘Wimpy Kid’ movie. The main character was unlikeable, in fact a good chunk of the cast was, and the only ones I enjoyed didn’t get enough screen time. As predicted in that review, a sequel has already been set in motion, and is set to release almost exactly one year after it’s predecessor. The trailer can be seen here at Yahoo! Movies.

The video makes the sequel look like more of the same schtick, just this time without Chloe Moretz and a little more Steve Zahn. Let’s face it: it’s a hardcore kids movie, and something I can’t thouroughly enjoy. Like Cats & Dogs 2.

Will you spend money to see the ‘Wimpy’ sequel, or will you (like myself) spend it elsewhere? Comments below.


THE NEWS BUNDLE: The ‘Community’ Cast and Will Forte Hilariously Audition for ‘The Way Way Back’ in New Featurette – mediaiq

In just two weeks, the indie comedy The Way Way Back hits theaters in limited release. What could be a surprise hit with an incredible cast, TV spots have begun to run rampant as the film could wind up being an acclaimed alternative in the weeks ahead. Now, a new featurette has surfaced in which co-writer and director Jim Rash has tapped a handful of Community co-stars to audition for a role within the film. And as you can imagine, hilarity ensues – mediaiq.

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THE NEWS BUNDLE: Anna Kendrick In Talks to Strap On The Glass Slippers and Sing Along in Disney’s ‘Into The Woods’

Recently, Disney has been hard at work for one of their big fantasy reimaginings in the upcoming Cinderella. However, the studio is also bringing all sorts of fairy tales to the big screen with an exceptional cast with Into The Woods which has been attracting A-lister after A-lister for major roles in the feature. Now, one actress who impressed with her own college-set tunes may be belting out a tune or two as she enters talks to join the project.


UPFRONTS 2014: NBC Releases 2014-15 Fall Schedule With Debut Trailers; ‘The Blacklist’ On The Move, ‘Parks & Rec’ To Bid Farewell

As season finales have begun to unload quickly as we head into the Summer hiatus, television takes a strong focus in the week ahead as various networks are ready to present a slew of new series at various Upfronts. With cancellations and renewals already answered in previous days, NBC has crafted an intriguing number of newcomers to join a number of favorites. Now, NBC has revealed its schedule for the Fall with some interesting mix-ups to come.


THE NEWS BUNDLE: Melissa McCarthy & Susan Sarandon Hit The Road in New Full-Length Trailer for ‘Tammy’

With the Summer movie season officially here, there are a number of blockbusters that are already taking the focus in the months ahead. Alongside them, the comedy slate has shaped up with a number of films chock full of laughs and looking to be crowned the funniest film of the Summer – mediaiq.

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Among the entries, Melissa McCarthy is set to take over this Fourth of July weekend as the title character in the eccentric Tammy. We last received our first look at the film just two months ago as the teaser showcased an odd fast food robbery while leaving us with more yet to be revealed. Now, the first full-length trailer has arrived (above via Warner Brothers’ official Youtube account) and features our lead doing what she does best while the wider story still remains rather tightly under wraps.

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Peninsula Short Film Fest – optimum fulfillment

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