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Harald Baldr [2022 Wikipedia] Age, Height and Relationship Information. Also, Net Worth, Full Bio, Career, Education, and More.

Who is Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr, a YouTuber well-known for his travel vlogs around the globe, is a favorite.

He makes videos of his travels and finds things in different parts of the globe.

He also describes many of the things he saw in those countries and doesn’t edit.

He is well-known for his honest and sincere reviews in his videos.

Harald’s YouTube Channel is self-titled and has over 2.11 million subscribers.

His videos have been viewed 286 million times. He is outgoing, creative, and adventurist.

He uploads videos to his YouTube Channel that show food, hotels and strange things.

His videos are very popular because they are engaging. Harald’s interactions with people around the globe is also very appreciated.

Similar to his Instagram, he is equally popular.

Today we’ll be discussing details like age, height and relationship with Harald Baldr.

Who is Harald Baldr?

Quick Biography

Real NameHeraldo Baldieri
Nick NameHarald Baldr
Date of Birth1976
Birth PlaceOslo, Norway
Age45 years old
Birth SignN/A
Height (approx.)5’10 or 178 cm
Weight (approx.)72 kg or 159 pounds
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth$1 million

Harald Baldr Early Years

Harald Baldr was born in Norway. Harald Baldr was a Norwegian citizen.

Harald was raised in middle-class families and struggled through his childhood.

From a young age, he was passionate about travel and vlogging.

He left Norway at the age of 18 and began traveling the world.

He has been to around 70 countries, but prefers Kyiv, Ukraine.

Harald used to blog about Politics, Freedom, Economics, but now he is more focused on travel, investments, women’s lives, and investing.

He revealed that he used student loans to travel the world, and quickly realized that raveling and vlogging are his true passions.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Harald and his accomplishments so far.

Harald Baldr CareerHarald Baldr Career

Harald Baldr is an infamous YouTuber from Norway, and is known for his simple but interesting travel videos.

He has dreamed since childhood of travelling around the globe. This dream finally came true when he was 18.

All his student loans were used to travel the world.

He began teaching after visiting Thailand as a lecturer at Khon Kaen University. He is fluent in both the written and spoken Thai languages.

He has also written blogs and created videos showing how to ride a bicycle.

Interview with Tidende from Thailand, he stated that he was more interested visiting Thailand despite its bad reputation and danger.

He also stated that he had cut all ties to Norway in order to travel more freely and enjoy greater freedom.


Harald Baldr started YouTube’s self-titled channel in 2016 and has been sharing his journey on YouTube ever since.

He then posted his first video, “Piotr’s House Ukraine”, which has more than 197K views.

Harald is a YouTube sensation for his honest and raw reviews, talks and interactions with locals all over the globe.

He has also helped many people in need while on the road, which is why he is frequently praised by his fans.

His most popular YouTube video is Thailand Green Paradise, which currently has more than 13 million views.

Harald is a huge fan with many viewers from all age groups around the globe.

He has over 2.11 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed more than 286 million times.

People admire Harald because he is an eccentric person who interacts with people without regard to race, class, or any other distinction.

His video of him donating $400 to a barber in India went viral in 2019. Many criticised him for making fake videos or not showing the Indian audience what he was capable of.

Despite all the hatred, Harald has given money to people in different countries and made videos about it.


Harald is also active on Instagram. He shares his travel videos with friends and takes photos of people he meets.

He has more than 165K Instagram followers as of 2022.

Personal Information

Harald Baldr is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Harald Baldr is 5’10” tall or 178cm and weighs 72kg or 159 lbs.

He is black with black-colored eyes. Harald was born in 1976, which means that he will be 35 years old in 2022.

His health is good. He’s strong and fit. He is able to travel the world and explore different cuisines, but he still maintains his health.

He is very interested in fitness and works out regularly.

He is a big animal lover and posts many photos of him playing with animals on Instagram.

Harald Baldr Family


Who is Harald Baldr’s girlfriend? Harald Baldr is extremely private about his personal life and has not shared his relationships with others on social media.

According to the record, he is still single.

Harald Baldr Family

Who are Harald Baldr’s parents? Harald spoke about his childhood in Norway, sharing stories with his siblings and parents.

He revealed that his family was a middle-class family in the past and had struggled a lot.

There is no information about them. The names and professions of his parents are not known at this time.

Harald also hasn’t posted any information about his siblings.

Harald Baldr Controversy

What were the controversies Harald Baldr was involved in?

Harald uploaded a 2018 video called India Bus Chaos Jaipur together with his friend. He talked about being scammed by Indians in that video.

He demonstrates how they were sock-scammed when they purchased 6 pairs of socks, but one was missing.

His viewers noticed immediately that he was concealing the socks under his butt.

He was wrong and people began to call him out for the lies he had constructed in order to draw people’s attention.

A video about Harald Baldr, a fake and misogynist, has gone viral in 2019.

In the video, the speaker talks about how he exploited women all over the globe and what he thinks about them.

He was also embroiled in a scandal after posting video of him being attacked by Atlanta police.

Many YouTubers and others pointed out that the video was staged.

Harald, however, has not yet spoken out about the scandal.

Net Worth

How much does Harald Baldr have in net worth? Harald Baldr is a well-known YouTuber and travel blogger.

His videos of interaction with people all over the globe are his trademark.

Harald makes most of his income through his YouTube videos, paid ads and sponsorships.

He earns between $75k and $100k per month through his YouTube Channel as of 2022.

His net worth is approximately $1 million.

The majority of the donations he receives go to charity for those in need.

Let’s take a look at some lesser-known facts about Harald Baldr.


  • Harald began a world tour at the age of 18.
  • He can write and speak Thai.
  • He was once a lecturer at a Thai university called Khon Kaen University.
  • Harald doesn’t like editing his videos and prefers to keep them raw and simple.
  • His videos are loved by his fans who love the way he calls Pork OClock. He says it because he loves pork.
  • Harald is followed by over 165k people on Instagram.
  • Guava Juice is also a YouTube star.


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