Jeff Nippard Height

jeff nippard height

Jeff Nippard [2022 Wikipedia] Age, Height and Career Information. Relationships, Net Worth, and Full Biography.

Who’s Jeff Nippard?

Jeff nippard was born October 6, 1990. He is a well-known bodybuilder, fitness coach and social media personality.

After sharing videos of his bodybuilding with no steroids or drugs on YouTube, he rose to fame.

Jeff is one of the most well-known trainers that uses social media to share advice on healthy ways to build a strong body.

He is also a qualified international powerlifter and holds a BSc Biochemistry.

What is Jeff Nippard Height?

Jeff Nippard is 5′ 5″ tall or 168cm in height and weighs in at 82kg or 180 lbs.

Nippard is most well-known for the videos he posts on his YouTube channel.

He currently has more than 2.68 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed over 281,000,000 times.

He’s also well-known on Instagram, where he posts his bodybuilding photos, videos and photos of lifting weights and training at the gym.

He has 659K followers on his official Instagram account as of 2022.

He also owns the website Jeff Nippard Fitness, where he offers his customers training programs as well as nutrition plans.

We will learn about Jeff Nippards age, height and career.

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Who is Jeff Nippard?

Quick Biography

Real NameJeff Nippard
Nick NameJeff
Date of BirthOctober 6, 1990
Birth PlaceKelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Age30 years old
Birth SignLibra
Height (approx.)5’5 or 168 cm
Weight (approx.)82 kg or 180 pounds
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
MotherDenise Henstridge
SiblingBradley Nippard
Net Worth$900,000
Profiles@jeffnippardinstagram, @jeffnippardyoutube

Early Life

Where was Jeff Nippard born? Jeff Nippard was a Canadian citizen, born in Kelowna (British Columbia).

When he was young, he discovered a passion for bodybuilding.

His mother Denise, also a bodybuilder and a fitness instructor, inspired him to follow her lead and do the same.

Since he was between 15-16 years of age, he started training and going to the gym.

Jeff Nippard Height.

Concerning his education, he attended The Memorial University of Newfoundland in Newfoundland.

He received a BSc degree in Biochemistry from the university.

He was also admitted to Dalhousie University as a Doctor in Dental Surgery.

After spending 2 years at the institute, he decided to continue his career in Bodybuilding.

Jeff Nippard Height.

Let’s now look back at Jeff Nippard’s career, and all of his accomplishments.

Early Life


What is Jeff Nippard most famous for? Jeff Nippard is a celebrity bodybuilder, Youtuber and businessman.

Bodybuilding and YouTube

Jeff and Denise, his mother, entered the bodybuilding/training business after graduating.

He began professional bodybuilding at the age of 16 and took part in various weightlifting and bodybuilding tournaments.

He displayed his talent and won several of the competitions.

His YouTube channel IceCream4Prs was created by him. He changed his name to IceCream4Prs on April 20, 2014.

Jeff Nippard’s first YouTube video is Jeff Nippard performing a routine at California natural muscles mayhem 2014.

It has more than 26k views. Jeff began posting more bodybuilding videos shortly after.

Jeff Nippard Height.

He began making videos about nutrition and fitness tips.

Jeff began to get more recognition for his videos and people started to love them.

Nippard began to show people how to train and gave tutorials on the gym.

His bodybuilding tips are without drugs or steroids are well-known.

Bodybuilding and YouTube

Jeff Nippard Height.

He is a Biochemistry graduate and tries to use his knowledge to help people understand nutrition and body function in his videos.

This is his most viewed YouTube video. The Most Effective Science Based PUSH Workout: Chest and Shoulders (Science Applied Ep 1).

This video has been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

Nippard’s YouTube channel boasts 2.68 million subscribers and has received over 281,000,000 views.

Jeff co-founded STRCNG with Robin Gallant, an online fitness coaching platform.

Jeff Nippard Height.

He also owns the website Jeff Nippard Fitness, where he offers his customers training programs as well as nutrition plans.

Jeff is a similar trainer and has trained many men’s and women’s bodybuilding champions at the national and provincial levels.


Jeff is also well-known on Instagram, in addition to YouTube. His official Instagram account has 659K followers as of 2022.

He shares photos and videos from his training, bodybuilding, and photos with family and friends.


Personal Information

How tall is Jeff Nippard. Jeff Nippard is 5′ 5″ tall or 168cm in height and weighs in at 82kg or 180 lbs.

His zodiac sign is Libra. He has blue-colored eyes and blonde hair.

He is a Canadian citizen and white for his ethnicity.

Jeff Nippard Height.

He is a believer in Jesus Christ and practices Christianity as his religion.

Jeff enjoys bodybuilding, training, and boating.


Who is Jeff Nippard’s girlfriend? Jeff currently has a relationship to Stephanie Buttermore, a YouTuber and fitness influencer.

She is also a former bodybuilder and a trainer. They have been together for more than five years.

Jeff was also in a relationship with Robin Gallant, a well-known bikini model.

Jeff Nippard Height.

Although there aren’t many details about their breakup or hookup, their relationship lasted for one year.

They have not yet shared any details about their relationship with Stephanie and Jeff.

As soon as we have any information, we will notify you.


Jeff Nippard Family

Who are Jeff Nippard’s parents? Jeff Nipard was a Canadian citizen.

His father is a businessman and his mother is an ex-bodybuilder and trainer.

Denise Henstridge is his mother. There is no information on Jeff’s father.

Jeff’s mom Denise was the inspiration behind his bodybuilding and training career.

Jeff has a younger brother, Bradley Nippard. Bradley is a producer and writer.

Jeff shares often photos and videos with his mom Instagram.

Jeff Nippard Height.

Jeff Nippard Family

Jeff Nippard Net Worth

How much does Jeff Nippard have in net worth? Jeff Nippard is a well-known bodybuilder, fitness coach and YouTuber.

He has made a lot of money throughout his career.

His income comes mainly from YouTube videos, online programs and plans for fitness, sponsorships on social media, and brand deals.

As of 2022, his net worth was estimated at $900,000.

Let’s find out some facts about Jeff Nippard.

Jeff Nippard Trivia

  • Jeff Nippard was born at Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada.
  • He holds a degree from Biochemistry.
  • Denise, his mother, is a former bodybuilder.
  • Jeff Nippard Height.
  • His YouTube channel currently has 2.68 million subscribers and more than 281 million views.
  • A past relationship he had with Robin Gallant, a well-known bikini model.
  • Jeff Nippard, Alex Bozinovski and other YouTubers are well-known bodybuilders.
  • Jeff Nippard Height.


Has Jeff Nippard earned a degree?

He has a science degree, in biochemistry. This he uses to plan and train people.

What does Jeff Nippard do with

Jeff is a drug-free powerlifter and bodybuilder. His best Squat lifts were 502 and his bench press was 336.

Is Jeff Nippard Powerbuilding program worth it?

This program is more low-rep, heavy-strength work than others, so you’ll be stronger in a shorter time.


Watch the latest video by Jeff Nippard on his YouTube channel:

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