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Kirsty Godso on Beauty

Kirsty godso If you’re not in the fitness industry, it’s understandable that you don’t know Kirsty godso. She is the NIKE Master Trainee. She can do things with hands that most of us would be unable to imagine. You would be equally amazed if you visited her Instagram account.

Kirsty Godso was recently appointed Global Ambassador for CliniqueFIT by CliniqueFIT. It’s a collection of products that can be used pre- and post-workout.

How to become a NIKE trainer

Although she studied marketing and finance, she was always passionate about sports. She has been a fan of sports since childhood, growing up on a New Zealand farm. She never missed an opportunity to exercise while she was at university. After earning her degree, she was passionate about training and continued to train. She then worked as a journalist. After her first visit to the USA, she discovered the intense workout. This is how she met her husband.

She returned home to be awarded the certificate and became a personal coach. She created an intense workout for a company in New Zealand.

NIKE noticed her while she was creating the intense workout. Before the workout went global, she was in New Zealand and Australia taking care of New Zealand. She is proud of the time she spent with NIKE. This collaboration has been ongoing for six years. Kirsty Godsen also works on other projects. Kirsty uses her university knowledge to consult other brands and creative studios.

Kirsty created her own protein powder, which is now available. It is fun for her to be involved in projects that have a strong connection to wellness.

Does Kirsty Godso’s exercise make a difference in the skin?

Is there a difference on the skin after the exercise Kirsty Godso

She is very beautiful. She looks younger than she is. This is especially true when she does the exercise and eats the right food. This is something she strongly believes in. She drinks approximately 4 liters of fluid per day. Not to lose weight, but to make the water taste better, she adds a lemon to her water. This tip can help you if you are unable to force yourself to drink a certain amount of water each day.

Wearing Makeup While Doing Exercise Kirsty Godso

When doing exercise Kirsty Godso, you can wear makeup

She uses tinted moisturizer and mascara, as she trains people for long hours. She also uses highlighter to make her more professional at work. She would brush her eyebrows when she’s by herself, such as on weekends.

Sania’s Brow Bar is her favorite brow brush. Sunday Riley UFO oil gives her a special glow and is used as a base under makeup. Kirsty Godso Although this product is intended for those with acne-prone skin, she says that she has never had any problems with her skin. Kirsty godso The following products are her favorites: CliniqueFIT 24 Hour Mascara, BECCA Highlighter Champagne Pop.

CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Body & Face Hydrating Spray is what she uses when she travels. Kirsty also loves TATCHA, who make the Luminous Dewy Skin Spray she sprays on.

Wearing Makeup While Doing Exercise Kirsty Godso

Commes des Garconne Blackpepper fragrances are the best. Kirsty Godso is next in line for White EDT fragrance by Maison Louis Marie No. The Panacea, a Korean sunscreen, is what she uses. They have a lot of potential and she is determined to get them to Australia and New Zealand.

Niko, her cat, is the one she misses most from New Zealand when it comes to people, things, and what not. Kirsty Godso is obsessed with cats. She also missed her family, particularly her mother and brother. She also misses her friends in Australia and New Zealand. She is doing her best to get back home as soon as possible.

Kirsty Godso will do her best to convince Clinique to make CliniqueFIT phase two. She feels CliniqueFIT is a respected brand that listens to what customers have to say.