Lil terrio

Who is Lil TerRio?

Terrio Harshaw is usually called by the name Lil TerRio.

He is an entertainer, comedian, social media celebrity, and rapper.

TerRio also is an ex-Vine sensation who became a worldwide star with his “Ooh Kill ‘Em'” dance video sensation when he was six years old.

TerRio is one of Instagram’s most famous junior comedians, with over 881.000 followers on his Instagram account.

Then he gained popularity by posting selfies, traveling, dancing, and modeling photos.

Now Lil TerRio has recently shifted his focus to rapping.

So, we will tell you about Lil TerRio’s full biographies, net worth (2022), career, relationship, family, age, height, how he loses weight, and why he chooses a healthy lifestyle.

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Lil terrio life

Quick Biography

Real NameTerrio Harshaw
Nick NameLil Terrio
Date of BirthJuly 29, 2007
Birth PlaceGeorgia, Riverdale
Age14 years old
Birth SignLeo
Height (approx.)5’8 or 177 cm
Weight (approx.)65 kg or 143 pounds
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth$1.5 million

Then Why Lil TerRio is Famous?

He became famous after the sensational dance video for his funny memes and several funny video compilations.

And he began famous when he was still six years old because his dance video for “Ooh Kill ‘Em'” went viral on Vine.

In the summer and on June 19, 2013, his cousin Maleek uploaded it.

In the video, Maleek is singing Ooh Kill’Em’ and Lil TerRio is dancing to the beat.

Lil terrio Career

Following that, Maleek shared several dancing videos of Lil TerRio for some songs.

They went viral quickly, and other celebrities, including Tavon Austin, John Wall, and DeSean Jackson, imitated Lil TerRio’s moves in the videos.

And his amazing dance also appears in a Samsung commercial by Lebron James, which boosted TerRio’s career even further.

Then TerRio began receiving offers from reality shows and various talent shows as his fame grew.

He hired Herbert Battle as his manager to handle all of the offers and manage them properly.

Similarly, TerRio on his Instagram official account began sharing his freestyle raps and songs, which increased his fame.

He released his debut single, Drippin’ in 2018.

Moreover, he released Haters and No Hate in 2019.

TerRio gained even more popularity in February 2020 when he began posting rap freestyles on his Instagram.

Which had over 901,000 followers as of May 2020.

And TerRio released his song again, Pop My Shit, in 2022.

He declared on his Instagram in 2022 that he plans to release a new song on September 28.

In terms of social media, he is well-known across all social media platforms.

On Instagram, Lil TerRio has over 812K followers.

And his TikTok currently has over 482.000 followers as well as over 5.9 million likes on all his videos.

This young talented star has amassed a large fortune throughout his career.

He struggled a lot as a child because he came from a poor family.

But they are currently living happy and peaceful life.

Because TerRio already has an income that can help support his family.

TerRio’s main source of income is his rapper career, social media sponsorships, advertisements, and brand deals.

So, his net worth is estimated to be around $ 1.5 million in 2022.

He is a simple man who does not like to draw attention to himself by flaunting his wealth in public.

Lil terrio Information

Lil TerRio Wikipedia

Lil TerRio as a nickname from his real name, Terrio Harshaw, was born on July 29, 2007, in Georgia, Riverdale.

So, he is 15 years old with the birth sign of a Leo.

He holds American citizenship and is of mixed ethnicity.

Physically, Lil TerRio has black eyes and hair, and his height is 177 cm or 5 feet 8 inches.

And TerRio’s shoe size is 12 US.

His interests include basketball, traveling, singing, and eating food.

TerRio has stated in interviews that his favorite basketball players are LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Moreover, he embraced Christianity.

He has a sister named Mikayla who was born in 2004.

But we don’t know about his name parents or his brother.

Currently, he is still not in any relationship.

Terri0 prefers to keep his personal life private.

He strongly believes in keeping family matters private to avoid harassment and rumors.

As well as TerRio was raised by his single mother, a beauty industry worker.

He had a difficult childhood because he had no father.

And his family was impoverished at the time.

And How did He Lose Weight?

TerRio, according to his sister Mikayla, has an eating disorder.

Which is the cause of his obesity.

And he can’t stop eating junk food.

TerRio, on the other hand, appears to eat a healthy diet and exercise his body at the gym or in an outdoor area.

He has shared his most recent weight-loss accomplishment.

Lil TerRio revealed that his goal was to lose 150 pounds.

And he shows daily workout and weigh-in videos with his Instagram followers regularly.

Lil Terrio Net Worth

So his recent Instagram posts also show the difference in his body.

The social media sensation—now weighing 211 pounds—explained that unhealthy eating habits put him at high risk of premature death.

And he has a “desire to live a long, healthy life.”

So he hopes to lose a total of 190 pounds.

Since the beginning of 2021, Lil TerRio has dedicated his life to becoming a better version of himself.

He works out six times a week, sometimes twice a day in the gym.

He also does high-intensity interval training to raise his heart rate and burn fat.

Lil TerRio started losing weight from 360 lbs to 195 lbs now.

Besides his discipline to work out, he still obeys to keep in diet high protein and high fiber but low on carbs.

So he more consumes chicken, seafood, vegetables, and fruits in his daily diet.

He stated that he wanted to inspire young obese people to be able to change their mindsets and lifestyle.

And he has documented his new lifestyle and worked out with his two trainers.

In order to inspire others who are in a similar situation and seeking real-life motivation.

Are you also inspired to have a healthy lifestyle?

And what do you like from Lil TerRio?

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