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Paeka Campos Wiki

Paeka Campos Wiki 2022 – Height, Net Worth and Age – Full Bio

Who is Paeka Campos, the founder of Paeka Campos’?

Paeka campos Wiki was born May 1, 2002, and is a well-known social media star.

Campos is well-known for her content on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and TikTok.

Paeka Campos Wiki.

We will find out about her Age, Relationship, and Net Worth. Let’s get started.

Paeka Campos Wiki Campos Biography

Paeka Campos Biography

Real NamePaeka Campos
Nick NamePaeka Campos
Date of BirthMay 1. 2002
Birth PlaceAustin, Texas, North America
Age18 years old
Birth SignTaurus
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
ProfessionYouTuber, Consent Creator
Height (approx.)5 Feet and 4 Inches/ 1.63 Meters
Weight (approx.)55 Kilograms/ 121.21 Pounds
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
SpouseNot Married
Net Worth100,000 USD
ProfilesTikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Paeka Campos Height

Paeka Campos is currently standing at 5 Feet (4 Inches) (1.63 Meters).

Campos is approximately 55 Kilograms in weight (121.21 Pounds).

Paeka Campos currently has a relationship to ‘Gerohanirias.

According to reports, the YouTuber is worth around 100,000 USD by 2022.

Paeka Campos has an official YouTube account titled ‘Gero & Paeka.

Paeka Campos Wiki.

Paeka Campos Early Life

Paeka Campos Early Life

Where was Paeka Campos conceived? Austin, Texas, North America was the birthplace of TikToker, the famous North American tikker. When was Paeka Campos birthed? Campos was born the 1st May 2002. At the tender age of 6, Campos discovered her passion for singing and acting. She also participated in school theatre and other talent shows to improve her craft. Paeka Campos went to college where? According to reports, Paeka went to her local high school in order to acquire basic knowledge. The teenage star is not able to share her childhood, so she prefers to keep it secret.

Paeka Campos TikTok

How many followers does Paeka campos have on her TikTok profile? Campos has an impressive following of 1.6million fans.

When did Paeka campos create her Instagram account? Campos created her Instagram handle on 21 December 2016. She currently has about 277 Instagram posts and has over 380k followers. Campos started her acting career by appearing in commercials for well-known companies like ‘Google’, Coca-Cola and ‘Seaworld. She auditioned for roles in other roles as well, because she was hardworking and determined from a young age. At just 11 years old, she was awarded ‘Off-Broadway” at the renowned ‘Minetta Lane Theather in Newyork. She launched her company four years later, after years of hard work and hustle.

Paeka Campos TikTok

Paeka Campos Relation

Who is Paeka Campos’s Boyfriend? The Content Creator is currently dating ‘Gerohanirias.

According to reports, the couple began dating in October 2017. They then launched their YouTube channel featuring the famous couple. Who many subscribers do Gero Hanirias have on Instagram? Paeka’s famous boyfriend has 49.6 million subscribers. Gero is also a popular TikToker, with 244.5 thousand followers. He has a huge 9.3 million likes.

Paeka Campos Relation

Paeka Campos Personal Information

Paeka Campos Height

Paeka Campos is how tall? Paeka Campos is currently standing at 5 Feet 4 Inches (1.63 meters). How much does Paeka Campos weigh? Paeka Campos is approximately 55 Kilograms in weight (121.21 Pounds).

Paeka Campos Age

What is the age of Paeka Campos Wiki Paeka Campos, currently 18, is an American. She has natural brown hair and big brown eyes.

Paeka Campos Zodiac sign

What is Paeka Campos’s zodiac sign Taurus is the star sign of TikToker. Paeka is also white Caucasian.

Paeka Campos Family


Who are Paeka Campos Wiki Parent? Online information is not available about Palka’s mother and father. Who are Paeka Campos’ siblings? The TikTok star is not open about her siblings or brothers. She has also not revealed her private life as she doesn’t want her loved ones to be in the spotlight on Social Media.

Paeka Campos Income

What is Paeka Campos Wiki worth in value? According to reports, the YouTuber is worth around 100,000 USD by 2022. Instagram and her TikTok channel are the main sources of income for this internet sensation. Campos has been featured in films, such as Harbinger’ andThe place in Between’. Also, her Instagram account, TikTok, generates a high engagement rate per post which attracts sponsorships and brand endorsements. Paeka, a beautiful individual, is being considered for modeling work. This will increase her income.

Paeka Campos Wiki Trivia

Paeka Campos Trivia

Despite being only 18 years old, the TikTok star has had an interesting life. Let’s take a look at some trivia and interesting facts.

  • Paeka Campos Wiki has been identified as a Non-vegetarian.
  • After seeing her talent, the parents of the Instagrammer were certain that their daughter was a natural talent.
  • She is a passionate pet lover and posts photos of her pets on Instagram.

Paeka Campos Videos

Is Paeka Campos an official YouTube channel? Yes, Paeka Campos does have an official YouTube channel. It is called ‘Gero & Paeka. Campos opens this channel together with her boyfriend, ‘Gerohanirias’. They create content for the YouTuber handle. The first video of the famous couple is “OUR FIRST VLOG/MUKBANG!” ! The video received 35 thousand views. Their most-viewed video, titled’STARTTING A ARGUMENT THEN TAKING MY…‘ has 397 000 views. How many Paeka Campos subscribers do they have? ‘Gero & Paeka has 230 000 subscribers as of 2022. This video features the social media superstar. Enjoy! Paeka Campos Wiki.