Sommer Ray Height

sommer ray height

Sommer Ray Height, Age and Relationship with Sommer Ray.

Who is Sommer Ray?

Sommer Ray Height was born September 15, 1996. She is an American fitness model and YouTuber.

Since she was 16 years old, she has been involved in bodybuilding. Ray trained with her father, who owned a gym.

She also began participating in bodybuilding competitions for bikini at 16 years old.

She has won numerous NPC Colorado Championships and NPC USA Championships.

Sommer is also an Instagram model. She has recently amassed more than 26.7 million Instagram followers.

Ray is also well-known on YouTube. In 2017, Ray started her YouTube channel, which she named herself.

She currently has more than 1.87 million subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 81 million times.

She also appeared on MTV Wild’N Out.

We will learn about Sommer Ray’s height, career, relationships, net worth and more.

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Who is Sommer Ray?

Quick Biography

Real NameSommer Ray
Nick NameSommer
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1996
Birth PlaceDenver, Colorado
Birth SignVirgo
Height (approx.)5’6 or 171 cm
Weight (approx.)56 kg or 124 pounds
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGreen
SiblingBronson Ray, Savanna Ray, Skylyn Ray
Net Worth$8 million
Profiles@sommerrayinstagram, @sommerraytiktok

Sommer Ray Early Life

Where was Sommer Ray born in Colorado? Sommer Ray was the son of a middle-class family from Denver, Colorado.

Concerning her education, she attended a Denver school in Colorado.

Ray has been a strong believer in fitness and training since her childhood.

She used to train with her father, who was a trainer at the gym.

When she was only 16 years old, she participated in and won many bikini bodybuilding contests.

Ray has always been a keen athlete and a fitness fan since her youth.

Modeling, fitness and acting have been her passions.

Let’s now look at the beginning of Sommer Ray’s career and her achievements to date.

Sommer Ray Early Life

Sommer Ray Career

What is Sommer Ray most famous for? Sommer Ray is a big star on social media.

Training and fitness

Sommer is most well-known as an Instagram Model, but there’s much more to her career.

She is not only an Instagram influencer or model, but she is also a fitness model as well as a true athlete.

She was very interested in modeling and training from an early age.

She won numerous Championship of Bikini bodybuilding contests, including NPC Colorado Championship and NPC USA Championship.

When she was 16, her first brand deal was with Myokore. She is still working with them today.

She was mentored and trained by her father, a trainer at the gym. After that, she began training in the gym.

Soon, she began clicking photos and videos of herself and started posting them on social media.

She also started teaching others through her workout videos, and tutorials for gyms on Instagram and YouTube.

Social Media platforms Sommer Ray Height

Social Media platforms Sommer Ray Height

She posts videos on YouTube that include pranks and challenges, QnAs, workouts, tutorials, and other fun content.

Her YouTube videos include Summer Vlog 3 Q&A with SommerRay, Touch My Body Challenge with Alissa Violet and

Her subscribers number over 1.87 Million and her videos have been viewed more than 81,000,000 times.

Sommer isn’t active right now on her YouTube Channel, and it has been over a year since she uploaded any videos.

She’s also a popular Instagram user. Ray has more than 26.7 million Instagram followers.

She mostly posts Instagram photos and videos of herself posing for her brand ShopSommerray, as well as other modeling brands.

She also shares videos and photos of her day, both fitness-related, and with friends and family.

She also has more than 11.3 million TikTok followers and over 224.2 million views on her videos.

You can find her videos with boyfriends, friends, as well as fitness and dancing videos and lip-syncing videos on TikTok.

Television Show

Sommer has appeared on several TV shows, including MTV Wild’N Out. Sommer is also part of the YouTube group Clout Gang.

Ray can also be seen with Faze Clans. Her popularity grew further after a 2016 sports illustrator called Ray “Lovely Lady Of The Day”.

Sommer also has her clothing line ShopSommerRay collection.

Evolve Fitness is her fitness app. It allows you to count calories, track your progress and even record your food using your voice.

She spoke out in an interview with Forbes and said that she values body positivity and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Information Sommer Ray Height

Personal Information Sommer Ray He

Sommer Ray is 5’6″ or 171 cm tall. Sommer Ray is 5’6″ tall or 171 cm tall and weighs 56kg or 124 lbs.

Her birth sign is Virgo. She is a blonde-haired girl with green eyes.

She is an American by nationality and practices Christianity. As for her ethnicity, she is white.

Ray dreams of becoming an actress and model. Bella Thorne is her favorite actress.

Sommer is a natural beauty lover and has worked hard to achieve her beautiful, fit body.

She is a passionate animal lover and keeps them all as pets, including snakes, dogs, cats (tarantulas), frogs, and beta fish.

She can’t keep a Cheetah as a pet, but her favourite animal is the Cheetah.

Sommer loves to train and work out, and she also loves swimming and traveling.

Relationship Sommer Ray Height

Relationship Sommer Ray Height

Who is Sommer Ray dating? Cole Bennett is a popular rapper and producer who Sommer Ray is currently seeing.

After their Instagram photos of themselves together, it was rumored that they were dating in July 2022.

Although they haven’t spoken out about it, Sommer can be seen with Cole in her TikTok videos as a couple.

Sommer was previously in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, a well-known music artist, and Tayler Holder, a TikTok star.

Both ended in disaster after Sommer claimed that Machine Gun Kelly and Tayler had cheated on her.

Similar to Kelly and Tayler, she also had relationships with Max Ehrich, a former Young and Restless actor.

She was also in relationship with Justina Valentine, an American rapper, when she appeared on MTV’s Wild’N Out.

Rumours also suggested that Sommer was dating Ricegumm, a Clout Gang member, but many fans believe that they were only hooking up for the clout.

They are still friends despite the controversy surrounding their fake relationship.

Rumours also suggested that she was dating Bennett Sipes in 2018.

Sommer Ray Family

Sommer Ray Family

Who are Sommer Ray’s parents? Although it is well-known that Sommer Ray’s father was a bodybuilder and gym trainer, there’s not much information.

Shannon, Shannon’s mother, was also a bodybuilder.

Ray was raised with her sister Skylyn Ray, her brother Branson Ray, and her two sisters Savanna Ray and Skylyn Ray.

Sommer Ray Controversy

What are the controversies Sommer Ray has gotten in to?

After rumors broke that Sommer Ray and Bryan Lee, a member of Clout Gang, were rumored to be in a relationship with RiceGumm, a Vietnamese YouTube star, Sommer Ray was called out.

Many fans were skeptical of their relationship, both at the beginning and after learning about it.

They were all upset. Despite the scandal, they haven’t spoken out and remain friends.

Sommer was also caught in another scandal about not paying her video editor, and firing her without giving any reason.

Sommer was in trouble because of the video that her former video editor made.

She did not apologize to the editor, and she paid her accordingly.

KENNY KO, a YouTube star and YouTuber made a video in August 2019 titled Sommerray Just Ended her Career in One Photograph.

He talked about Sommer photoshopping her picture and altering her body parts.

Sommer is a role model for fitness and has always spoken out against plastic surgery.

This caused scandal because she intentionally altered her photo, which made her look suspicious to her fans.

Net Worth

How much does Sommer Ray have in net worth? Sommer Ray is an Instagram influencer and a well-known fitness model.

Her income comes mainly from modeling gigs, YouTube ads, sponsorships, and brand endorsements via Instagram.

She also has her own clothing line, ShopSommerRay.

Her net worth was estimated at $8 million as of 2022.


  • Sommer Ray was born in Denver Colorado.
  • Since she was 16 years old, she has been involved in bodybuilding and training.
  • Ray is the proud owner of six snakes.
  • More than 11.6 million people follow her Instagram.
  • According to some reports, Sommer Ray and Cole Bennett may be in a relationship by 2022.
  • Learn about Bad Nana, who is also a well-known Instagram Star.


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