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the feature documentary film


Imagine losing everything. Your home, your business, all your worldly possessions. Gone forever… or are they?

Right now an epic endeavor is underway involving 2 continents, 3 countries and the largest body of water on earth. Join us as we go on a journey to discover the stories of those whose lives were stolen by the sea. 25 million tonnes of wreckage from Japan’s devastating tsunami was washed into the Pacific Ocean and some of that is now destined to wash up on North America’s shores.

The debris – fragments of coastal towns, fishing communities and rural villages – is evidence of the 15,000 lives lost to the waves. Across North America & Japan government officials, scientists and beachcombers alike are coming together to track & collect all that was lost. What is their mandate? To gather these items that have traveled across the world and as they wash up on North America’s shores to return them their rightful owners in Japan.

Strangers, continents apart, are coming together to salvage the memories amidst the debris. Discover the stories of the people whose lives will be forever changed.

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  • SCREENING 6:30 pm The Bloor Cinema
  • AFTERPARTY 9:00 pm The Gladstone Hotel (sponsor)
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An ENORMOUS thank you to all the people who have help made this film a reality by contributing to our crowd funding campaign:

Cara Lewis-Watts, Jivan Nagra, Debby Walker, Sharon Colle, Ian Beube, Paulina Robak, Shannon Hart, Maria Shin, Lana Gorlitz, Madalyn Lanni, Samantha Sarafinchan, Natalie Cornett, Mary Catherine Raterman, Natalie and Jeremy Michael, Sandra Kim, Stephanie McArthur, Nick & Nanci Lanni, Vicki Terrant, Yuki Nakamura, Will Woods, Pasquale & Lori Lanni, Ashley Anderson, Dennis Laprairie, Young Choi, Sandra Watson, Mark Mainguy, Yasmine Louis, Tom & Cathy Hughes, Natasha Hesch, videoreport, Lena Raterman, Thanh Nguyen, Val Carega, Lauren Breecher, Connie Canal, Katie Malisani, Allison & Mike Gryspeerdt, Jordan Armenise, Chuck Templeton, Joseph Dilibero, Mary Henricksen, Gino Stroffolino, Owen Williams, Yuri Hong, Julia Course, Sean & Allie Hazell, Eunice Lee-Dyal, Pat Barrett, David Draper, Elaine Snider, Michael McMahon, Doug Nichol, Sean Cisterna, Dennis Vidaic, Frank Park, Suzanne Perkins, Micha Dahan, Laurie & Rita Haines, Joe & Celeste D’Addio, Joseph Lanni, Scott Rutherford, Tanya Blake, Doug Crosbie, Judy Roads Pickrell, Angelo Stroffolino, Jean-Pierre Champagne, Edward Doran, Ariel Jones, Robert Eaton, Pierina and Carlo Felicetti, Peter Vitaterna, Jason MacIntyre, Jean-Pierre Champagne, Monica Kalmanovitch, Nadia Fazio, Mark Dellora, Simon Cheesman, Robert Day, Leanne Rosteing, Elsielyn Ng, Heather Burns-Shillington, Sharon Colle, Delores Lanni & Ian Barrett, videoreport, Glenn Paradis, Peter & Cindy Lanni, Paula Jubinville, Margaret Hardman, James Bartolomeo, Carmen & Marilyn Lanni, Jenny & Ivan Maglicic, Jill Borra, Sky Lamothe, Shelly Lyonnais, Kathryn Ruppert-Dazai, Lauren Brecher, Maureen Grant, Anne Marie Hudak, Jeff Vanderwal, Nelson Ferreira, Liam Colle, Ian Beube, Karin Wiens, Courtenay Betts, Jen Hanson, Margaret Forsyth, Margaret Lloyd, Sharon Zupancic, Mark Burgess, Lana Gorlitz, Susan Yoon, Brian Cox, Nina Stephen, Helen Morris, David Raterman, Tara Anderson, Jedd Jones, Joan & Sungja Yoon, Nickolaos Stagias, Christine Kohut, Wanda Ely, Elizabeth Ryu, Heather Renzella, Lauren Davies, Anne Murray & Branko Boskovic, Meredith McCarthy, Shannon Hart, Sera Ki, Kathryn Dingle, Craig Moffit, Kristen Colle, Jason Taylor, Martha Collyer, Eric Schouten, Dean Pollock, Dave Tebby, Kristin Nelson, Traven Benner, Ric Esther Bienstock, Ed Krupa, Andrea Menzies, Jayne Shewman Vickers, Theresa Snape, Todd Brooks, Liisa Allen, Zoë Mitchell, Marc Mitchell, Greg Terakita, Carol Strom, Melissa Dozois, Michael Macdonald, Rob Burns, Jan McCharles, Carrie Janisse, Jennifer MacLachlan, Valerie Tih, Keren Jackman, Randy Chase, Michele Stanger, Marco Avolio, Mafie Hughes, Marco Difelice, Moira McQueen, Keyvan Foroughi, Dylan Macleod, Kaitlin Knyf, Sean Wainsteim, Tara Elwood, Janelle Zhao, Gabriel Goodenough, David Suddaby, Corynn Kokolakis, Sandra Meret, Elizabeth Radshaw, Aeschylus Poulos, David Lam, Franco Rovazzi, Amy Wilson, Graham Hill, Scot Mcfadyen, Robin Mirsky, Josh Colle, Kelly Scissons, Martha Dorion, Mary Paul Wells, Brett Hendrie, Ian McLeod, Nobu Adilman, Keisha Bell, Jennifer Koestler, Aileen Gardner, Matthew Henderson, Alicia Belvedere, Erin Berry, Carl David Onofrio, Alex Contini, Paula Talesnik, Wesley Legge, Nicole Fritz, Andrea Menzies, Michelle Lalonde, Jennifer McNaughton, Ginger Jarvis, Michael Schaus, Brent Craig, Luba Lesychyn, Jennifer Marinelli, Nick Godwin, Alex Kell, Michelle Klein-Hass, Jun Dazai, Paul Mann, Ao Loo, Amber Baker, Tara Sutton, Darlene Gwodz, Ann Davidson, Natalie & John Lee, Jeri Littlewood

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The Team

Nicolina Lanni: Director / Producer (download CV) – videoreport

Nicolina Lanni is a Toronto based filmmaker with a background in Journalism.  She began her career working in public radio at the CBC but quickly turned to documentary film making.  She has worked on numerous award winning programs like Nazi Hunters and Manson.  Nicolina has the ability to gain unprecedented access to difficult subject matter and loves the challenge of creating evocative story telling.  LOST & FOUND is her first feature length documentary film to be released in 2016.

John Choi: Director / Producer / Director of Photography (download CV)

John Choi: is a Toronto based filmmaker. He began his career as a photo assistant in NYC but quickly turned his sights to motion picture film. He has worked on numerous studio feature films as a camera assistant including Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Godzilla and The Bone Collector. After working his way up to Director of Photography he moved back to Toronto to produce and shoot his own work. One of the first series he Directed/DPed was the eclectic Food Network series Foodjammers and then he went on to create, Direct/DP Fresh With Anna Olson another series for The Food Network. He has currently Directed and DPing factual series on Discovery ID including Murder in Paradise and Motives and Murders.

John is currently about to release his first feature documentary LOST & FOUND which included international co-production broadcast partners including Canada SHAW, Japan NHK and Australia SBS.

If you need help or have any questions at all, please use the form at the bottom of contact us page.


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