We’re the Millers 2 is the sequel to the popular crime comedy film We’re the Millers.

The film premiered in the United States on August 7, 2013, to mixed reviews from audiences.

The film was nominated for six MTV Movie Awards and four People’s Choice Awards.

And the film was a box office smash, earning 7/10 stars on IMDB.

As a result, it was either the best-received comedy of 2014.

This movie’s ending left confusion and curiosity for the audience to interpret.

So the film lovers have long been excited to wait for the sequel.

And on February 25, 2014, New Live Cinema & Warner Bros Pictures announced the release of a sequel to the film ‘We’re the Millers’.

They had confirmed that a sequel was being developed and was currently in the works.

Adam Sztykiel is said to have written the sequel’s script.

Although the producers have announced a sequel, no specific release date has been provided.

The producers have only stated that there will be a sequel to the film.

But have not stated when it will be released in theaters or provided any other information about the plotline.

Everything has been left to the audience’s speculations as they wait for the film’s release.

While there has been no official word on when the film will be released in theaters.

It is expected that it will be available in 2022 if all goes as planned.

However, we are almost halfway through 2022.

And have yet to see a trailer for the film or a response from the producers.


But we think you’re wondering if this movie will be shown on Netflix.

No, We’re the Millers is not available on Netflix.

The film is not available on the platform.

And thus cannot be viewed if you have a Netflix subscription.

You can, however, watch it on other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Videos, YouTube, and Google Play.

Similarly, if you do not have a premium membership on those platforms, you can obtain it from a variety of unofficial websites.


Will there be a Plotline Like This?

We’re the Millers is a comedy film in 2014 about the living conditions of a fictitious family preparing to handle drugs.

Sudeikis is a drug dealer who smuggles drugs (marijuana) into the US.

This film is a perfect mix of melodrama and comedy, with the main plot centered on drug dealing.

And part one concluded with the fictitious family living as well as in their backyard they cultivating marijuana.

So the viewers were left in the dark about what will happen to that family after that.

Whereas no further news about the plot of the film for season two, so we anticipate that the story will pick up where it left off in season one.

Therefore you don’t have to be concerned about the story’s flaws.

You’ll get the information, mainly about Sudeikis’ drug dealing and smuggling activities.


What Is We’re The Millers 2 Movie About?

We’re the Millers 2 is a comedy film that takes place in the world of drug dealing and smuggling.

The plot revolves around a fictitious family that smuggles marijuana into the United States.

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As well as the life of the main character Sudeikis.

So Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off.

Still, the family still living together and growing marijuana in their backyard.


We’re The Millers 2 Cast

‘We’re the Millers’ had an outstanding cast, which led to the film being nominated for several awards.

The first act of the film featured a seasoned cast who were warmly received by viewers and were perfectly cast in their roles.

Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Molly Quinn, and Jason Sudeikis were among the movie’s star-studded cast members.

The season 2 cast has yet to be announced by the producers.

However, according to our insiders, the sequel will feature the same cast as the first season.

In addition, several new casts will be seen in the up-to-date season.

  1. Jason Sudeikis will play the main character, David Clark, in the film.
  2. Jennifer Aniston will play Rose, whom David hires to pose as his wife in order to carry out his criminal scheme.
  3. Will Poulter will play Kenny Rossmore, the actor David hires to play his son.
  4. Emma Roberts will play Casey Mathis, a runaway teen hired by David to play his daughter.
  5. Ed Helms reprises his role as Brad Gurdlinger, a smuggler with a black hat.
  6. Melissa’s father, Don Fitzgerald, will be played by Nick Offerman, and her mother, Edie Fitzgerald, will be played by Kathryn Hahn.
  7. Molly Quinn will play Melissa Fitzgerald, and Tomer Sisley will return as Pablo Chacon’s antagonist.
  8. Thomas Lennon may also appear as Rick Nathanson, a former classmate of David’s.

Screenwriters for the film included John Morris, Steve Faber, Sean Andreas, and Bob Fisher.

And the latest season will be written by American screenwriter Adam Sztykiel.

Adam is also the author of several other well-known screenplays and films.


How Can This Film be Successful?

We’re The Miller was either the best-received film of the year, grossing $270 million worldwide.

And the film’s overall budget was estimated at $37 million.

The film was a huge success at the box office during running in theaters and cinemas.

The movie received a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 48%.

And as a result of the success of the first season, the producers have determined to continue in the sequel.

So audiences have expressed satisfaction with the first season’s casting, stating that the casts perfectly matched their characters.

Several film critics have also stated that this film is one of the best comedies in 2014, as well as the character in the film, complements each other well.

But even after 8 years since the first film’s release, there has been no official word on the release of season two.

Are you also excited to watch this film?

Let’s share your opinion here!


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