What Not To Say On Your Disability Claim

When you have a disability, long-term disability insurance plans can be beneficial. They can provide you with the income, resources, and support you need to move forward with your life even when you have a disability. However, in order to qualify for them, you need to fill out the application first. 

What you write in the application and how you fill it out can decide whether you will get your benefits or not. You will need to provide a clear picture of your disability and how it impacts your lifestyle. If you have one of the medical conditions that qualify for LTD, you should consult an attorney to make sure you make no mistakes on your claim. 

What not to say on your disability claim 

  • Exaggerating your disability. 

When you are facing a disability, you may no longer be able to enjoy the same things as you did when you were not ill. This can make you feel sad and unmotivated. However, no matter how upset you might be, it is important to state accurate information on your application. 

The SSA is rather strict about which medical conditions qualify and do deep research when your disability is not listed in the Blue Book. They will look at whether you can work and which jobs you can do. If they find inconsistencies in your claim, it will be rejected. 

  • Discussions about your current job. 

You should not discuss anything about your job. If you discuss things that you dislike about your jobs, such as annoying co-workers, a hostile work environment, and low pay, they may think that you are seeking the benefits to avoid working. You should avoid saying anything that gives off the impression that you are using your disability benefits in an inappropriate way. 

  • Dismissing the impacts on you. 
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Some people do not want to cause problems for others, which makes them talk about their disability less than they should. You should write about every way your life is impacted because of the disability. However, you should not be dishonest or lie about your injury. 

If you do not talk about your problems enough, the SSA may think that your disability is not serious enough. This could lead to the denial of the claim, and you could miss out on income and resources. 

  • Discussing your vacation. 

If you are planning on a vacation, make a note not to discuss it on your application. The thinking is that if you are well enough to travel, you are well enough to work. Even if your doctor has allowed you to travel, you do not need to reveal this to the insurer. 



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